Working Together

We work with Commercial Electricians, Plumbing Specialists, Commercial Roofers and General contractors to quickly diagnose problems and provide valuable insight without costly and time consuming deconstruction.

Electrical-Mechanical Systems & Predictive Maintenance Diagnosis

Overheated components can indicate major problems with any electrical system, and finding the problem early – before a catastrophic failure...

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Plumbing Components Including Radiant Heat Systems

Commercial plumbing systems for institutional, industrial, and business buildings are complex piping systems for water distribution and wastewater disposal. The...

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HVAC Systems including Energy Efficiency Diagnosis

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air condition, which comprises the climate control inside your building. It is a particularly...

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Moisture Intrusion Including Water Damage Diagnosis

Moisture intrusion in commercial buildings can damage high-value equipment like HVAC systems, lighting, elevators and security equipment. Long-term consequences of...

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Roof of commercial building

Flat roof/ Low Slope

Most commercial building in the U.S. are constructed with flat roofs and many develop problems each year due to shoddy...

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